Working with us

Meghsports is continuously associating itself with highest players in the industry, our association with the top players make us continuously adapt and adhere to the quality which is next to none.


To be the customers first choice in terms of Quality, Reliability and convenience of all sports equipments.


We strive to be available for our customers at his convenience and supply him the highest quality and develop an un matching relationship of trust, which we will continuously invest in.

Objectives and Goals

• Be our customer's first choice
• Continue and nourish our no questions asked policy
• Keep an un matching width and depth
• Develop our equity which is synonymous with trust and quality.

Management Team

Meghsports is managed by professionals who are qualified and experienced in diverse formats of retail.

Who we are?

We have an Sports accessories. Which imports goods , so a strong back end as well as front end. A unique and innovative product line admired and sought by strong retailars like adidas,puma etc.