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Buy real anavar onlineMany authors recommend GH to increase muscle mass and improve performance in the sport of men, as the SG is not doping. The beneficial effects of GH has liver disease (cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis), coronary heart disease and some other diseases.

Available as a formulation YY "Chorionic Gonadotropin", which is obtained from the urine of pregnant women. One ampoule preparation contains 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 ED. Enter drug intramuscularly to adults in doses ranging from 1500 to 3000 IU 1 every three days. The duration of courses of treatment of 1 to 2 months. Between courses take breaks at least one month in order to prevent the formation of antibodies to the drug addiction and the body. Total spend up to six treatments.

YY is contraindicated in inflammatory diseases of the most reputable online steroid source genital and malignant tumors. hgh results 3 months Its side effects are associated with a sharp increase in activity of the sex glands, which can be expressed in a sharp increase in sexual desire, enhancing the growth of the beard and mustache, the steroid cycles for sale vegetation on the body, the appearance of acne. (To prevent acne prescribed lipotropics: kobamamid, lipokain, choline chloride, Vit B6 in combination with calcium pantothenate, etc.). Note that in areas neokostenevshih growth in young GH accelerates their closing, resulting in premature termination of growth of the body length. Therefore, children SG assigned strictly medically short courses in adequate doses to age.

Hypothalamic hormones.

Hypothalamic hormones are secreted by the hypothalamus - a section of the midbrain, which largely depends on the activity of the pituitary gland and the release of pituitary hormones. Each pituitary hormone is controlled by specific hypothalamic releasing factor which enhances the synthesis and release of this hormone. For example, the synthesis of the growth hormone somatotropin enhanced-releasing factor; gonadotrophin synthesis intensifies gonadotropin ilizing factor, etc.

Inhibition of the synthesis of a pituitary hormone dependent on hypothalamic factor called a statin. buy levitra online For example, somatostatin inhibits the synthesis of growth hormone, inhibits the synthesis of gonadostatin gonadotropin, etc. The use of growth hormone-releasing factor, enhances the synthesis of growth hormone, has not yet entered into clinical practice. 3 month steroid transformation SG - releasing factor currently used only for diagnostic purposes. At the same time, gonadotropin-releasing buy steroids legally factor obtained synthetically in 1971, has already found application in the treatment of impotence, and hypoplasia of the primary and secondary male sexual characteristics, as well as anabolic goal in the treatment of liver diseases.

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the form of a dosage form is called decapeptide (Pyro-Glu-GIS Three-Ser-Tyr-Gly-Leu-Arg-Pro-Gly-NH2). Available in a number of developed countries in the form of a powder in capsules. Injected into the body by instillation in the nasal mucosa. Almost does not cause allergies.

Widespread use of hypothalamic hormones is a matter of the near future, and opens up a very attractive prospects. Side effects of hypothalamic hormones similar to those of a sharp strengthening of the respective peripheral glands, but it must be acknowledged that their action is, of course softer and more physiological than that of pituitary and peripheral hormones introduced into the body from the outside.


Insulin is a hormone peptide structure. Secreted b-islet cells of the pancreas apparatus. It has a strong anabolic effect. It enhances the synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It promotes the penetration of amino acids, fatty acids and glucose into the cell. It inhibits the breakdown of protein and carbohydrate molecules. Increases glycogen stores best online steroid source in the muscles and in the liver. It lowers blood sugar levels by increasing glucose assimilation tissues. 3 types of steroids It improves energy metabolism, reduces excessive oxidation of energy substrates and increase their recovery.

If you enter a large enough dose of insulin into the body from the outside, there is a strong reduction of blood sugar and there is a defensive reaction - increased release of growth hormone, which contributes to the rise in blood sugar levels. In some cases, the level of growth hormone can be increased 5-7 times. It also leads to a sharp increase anabolism. Insulin in small doses is used as an anabolic agent for general exhaustion and the large weight deficit, with long debilitating diseases, the early stages of cirrhosis of the liver, diseases of the stomach and intestines, tuberculosis, etc. Because insulin is not doping agents, it may be recommended in sports practice as a drug for increasing muscle mass and total body weight. Unlike anabolic steroids, giving a gain of "pure" muscle insulin also promotes the synthesis of fatty tissue that must be considered during insulin therapy.

In USA, it produced a fairly large number of insulin preparations. short-acting drugs (maximum 6 hours): insulin injection suinsulin, whale insulin etc .; and long acting insulin preparations, the effect of which lasts for more than 6 hours. With the aim of anabolic used exclusively short-drugs. Drug activity is expressed in units. One vial contains 40 or 80 IU.

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1 The drug is administered once a day in a specific pattern. The 1st day - 4 U on the 2 nd day of -8 units, etc. every day is added 4 units. You can increase the dose every other day. The maximum dose - 20-40 units. The treatment duration of up to 2 months. Courses insulin treatment can be carried out 2 times a year. ordering steroids online ship to work Insulin treatment has its own characteristics. After drug administration in 1-5 min. It begins hypoglycemia - low blood sugar. It appears weakness, sometimes palpitations, trembling in her legs. After 15-20 minutes after insulin administration for relief of hypoglycaemia need to drink sweet tea and eat any buy steroids legally starchy foods, or else may come a loss of consciousness due to hypoglycemia, which is then transferred into a heavy coma and requires urgent medical treatment - intravenous glucose. Since the action neprolongirovannogo conventional insulin preparations continued for at least 6 hours, all the time you need to have ready something sweet and at the first signs of hypoglycemia, take some food. Admission carbohydrate food should not reach such amounts as hypoglycemia cropped completely, otherwise stop the release of growth hormone. We must learn to vary carbohydrate intake of food so that all the same there is a slight (!) Without the risk of hypoglycemia transition in hypoglycemic coma.

In general, the diet, as in the treatment anabolics should contain a sufficient amount of high-grade animal proteins. Therefore, for the relief of hypoglycemia is more rational than pure carbohydrate intake in the form of sugar and jam, and protein-carbohydrate mixture of baby food such as "The Kid". By virtue of the above features of the insulin treatment is a very difficult task with the risk of complications and should be carried out under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

Insulin positive feature is that having strong anabolic agent, it can be used in both men and women without causing virilizuyuschego effect. (Virilizuyuschy effect - the effect of androgens - increased hair growth on the face and on the body, deepening of voice, etc.) Insulin virtually no side effects, except for rare cases of allergy. 3 best supplements for muscle growth Persons with obesity do not use insulin better.


Increased activity of the sex hormones is possible not only by increasing their work-producing glands, but also due to the weakening of the work glands that inhibit their production.

In the male body in addition to the male sex hormones, androgens, produced a number of female sex hormones - estrogens. androgen production predominates, but it can be even stronger, if it is blocked by the action of estrogens, androgenic effects which weaken. Strengthening respectively androgen production leads to increased anabolic processes in the body, improving performance and muscle strength. Importance suppress estrogen effects in the male body becomes more understandable if we consider that blocking the effects of estrogen and growth hormone depletes reserves of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. To reduce the effect of estrogen on the body use estrogen blockers cell receptors, which reduce the susceptibility of cells to estrogen. The end result is enhanced androgen effects.

The following anti-estrogen drugs are produced in USA.

1. Clomiphene Цитрат.1-Хлор-2-пара(2-диэтиламиноэтокси)-фенил-1,2-дифенилэтилена citrate. Synonyms: Klostilbegit, hloranifen, ardomon, Clomid, etc. Product:. Tablets 10 mg. Take 1-2 times a day to 10 mg. The course of treatment of 1 to 4 months.

2. Тамоксифен.2-[пара-(Дифeнил-l-бутeнил)-фeнoкcи]-N,N-димeтилэтилaмин. Synonyms: Zitazonium, Nolvadex, etc. top 3 fat burners Product:. buying anabolic steroids online Tablets 10 mg. Assign 10 to 20 mg 2 times a day. Course of treatment: 1-4 months.

In medicine, both drugs are used to treat breast cancer in women and impotence in men, as in addition to directly antiestrogen action of both drugs have the ability to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous gonadotropins followed by the influence on the sex glands (which causes mostly anabolic effect of antiestrogens).

The downside of anti-estrogen drugs is a large number of side effects. Klomifentsitrat may cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, allergies, blood clots in the blood vessels, impaired vision.

When using tamoxifen may experience gastrointestinal disturbances, dizziness, skin rash, thrombus development and changes in the retina of the eye (in high doses).